Pros and Cons of Car Rental in Penang

Thinking if car rental is a feasible choice for long term or not? Everything has pros and cons, by evaluating pros and cons; you can easily take a good decision.

Leasing a vehicle in place of purchasing can offer great advantages to you. If you do not need to travel with the car each day, purchasing your own vehicle as well as paying for the same vehicle for maintenance, insurance and parking is needless expense.

Leasing a vehicle means you will drive whenever is required, occasions like meeting with relatives who are living out of town. Going into marriage ceremony, in all such situation renting a vehicle is very much easy.

However, there are some times in life when you require a vehicle for long duration/time. In that case, leasing a vehicle every day incur huge cost and are too expensive. Fortunately, vehicle-leasing service is a good solution. While leasing vehicle in Penang Airport (if travelling Malaysia) cost a little more for Penang car rental require good budget.

If you are travelling to different places during summer, or traveling to out-of-city for business or for family trip, long-term leasing vehicles is the most economical and ideal choice to save some bucks.

Some Pros of Long-Term Vehicle Rental

Public transport is a tiresome, expensive, as well as full of hassle (mainly if you are travelling to new city/country). Long-term vehicle rental is an inexpensive as well as convenient idea and good in compare to public transport. Long-term vehicle rental gives you the comfort of a private vehicle at very reasonable cost.

Hiring rental vehicle can actually save amount in long term. If you are planning a trip that is of 30 days or for 4 to 5 months, you can also save huge money, moreover, if you are a frequent traveler than you should always hire vehicle from one service provider. Hence, you will become a loyal customer for them, and can avail good discounts as well as benefits offered by them.

Another advantage of long-term vehicle leasing is fun with freedom, because a number of ventures provide gives no contract renewal if you are their regular customers (they eliminate the fee that they for contract renewal. Your monthly agreements will be signed and delivered quickly; you will be their priority customer.

When going for long-term rental, then you can also pick right vehicle depending on your personal s well as business or requirements.

What are the Cons of Long-Term Car/Vehicle Rental

While leasing a vehicle, it can be alluring to ride on your favorite car. Always remember that though long term vehicle leasing is more reasonable than purchasing a vehicle, though, you have to reimburse for vehicle fuel.

Although, it is not essentially a disadvantage, as with some leasing venture, be it a dwelling or vehicle, you are not spending your hard-earned money into a thing that you will finally own. Though, if purchasing a vehicle is not a beneficial choice for you, long-term vehicle leasing is always an ideal solution.

Ferry ride from Singapore to Batam or Bintan Islands


Singapore is a very exciting place to visit; this is, of course, owing to its strategic location, with easy access to nearby island destinations.

The city country is full of surprises and has a number of adventures to offer.

Connectivity within the country itself is pretty amazing. With regular cab services, rental cars, trains, flights and even ferry transport being available to go in and around the big cities, tourists and citizens are met with a myriad of options to plan their travelling. Due to this flexibility, one can also benefit through this money saving tactics. Let’s look at the Batam and Bintan Island located off the southern coast of Singapore.

The Islands


Riau Islands, within the Province of Indonesia, consists of the island of Batam. Typically known as a trade area zone with no restrictions, it also forms a considerable part of the Sijori Growth Triangle. The island is not too densely populated with the total population estimate being roughly around 1.25 million (as per 2010 records). The official national language of this region is Indonesian of course, but since a sizable chunk of the population consists of the Chinese people, therefore languages such as Mandarin, Teochew and Hokkien are also commonly spoken.

However, the indigenous Bintan community is a combination of Malays and they speak in their native language with a peculiar accent. This unique accent is also a part of the daily spoken language of this community in Singapore and parts of Malaysia- in cities like Selangor, Pahang, and Johor as well.

Getting there


To get into these 2 islands through Singapore, the best bet is put on the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, just 6.83 km away from the Singapore Changi Airport. One could check online for ferry to batam to take an advantage of the same. The services provided by the ferry are just class apart. The sailors and authorities are extremely stringent about the time and schedules already decided. Punctuality is their core quality.  This helps the passengers and the tourists travelling to plan their schedule and itinerary accordingly. You can be rest assured of a very comfortable journey after departure.

Beautiful scenic beauty and very calm vibrations greet once you reach this destination. No pollution, noise or even crowded places- makes this a great get away for newlyweds as well as people frustrated with the hustle and bustle of the big city life. Planning a 2-3 days stay at this location will proof to be a great source of comfort to your senses and rejuvenate you from within. Book your tickets beforehand to avoid last-minute rush and cancellation of the trip; as getting a confirmed current ticket is quite a difficult and tedious thing to do.

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Ferry service I care

ferry-333The ferry services from Singapore to Batam are frequent and daily. It takes less than a hour to reach Batam by ferry. The island of Batam has six ferry terminals at Nongsapura, Batam Center, Telaga Punggur, Sekupang, Harbour Bay and Waterfront City. Majority of the ferries comes from Johor and Singapore.
The ferries plying from the various terminals visit separate places of Batam. The Harbour Bay ferries carry people to the business centre, Nagoya.

The Nongsa and Waterfront ferries are mainly for the tourists. Again the ferries from Sekupang travel between Batam  and main island of Sumatra.

The Telaga Punggur ferries carry passengers between Tanjung Pinang and Batam island. These ferry rides are immensely pleasurable for the tourists as well as the daily passengers. Even this mode of transport is mostly opted by the people and the visitors of Singapore. They are preferred by the people as they are convenient as well as economic.

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